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ComED Electric: 1-800-334-7661,

NicorGas: 1-888-642-6748,

(Permission is not given for satellite dish unless you contact to request a permission letter. 

Satellite dishes are NOT to be installed in front of property or

attached to the roof or side of the building. Tenant is responsible

for removal charges if satellite is placed without permission)


Have a leak?
Individual faucets and toilets may be turned off at the supply line under the sink or toilet. Domestic hot water heater shut off are usually located on the cold water line above the heater.

A toilet bowl can only hold one tank of water. If the water does not go down, another flush will cause it to overflow. If you think it is going to overflow, remove the tank lid and push down on the flap that covers the hole. This will stop additional water from entering the bowl. Try using a plunger to remove the blockage and then try flushing again. Be ready to push down the flap if the water rises again. Make sure children do not try to flush their toys down the toilet. With small infants, always keep the lid down.

 When taking a shower, make sure the glass door or curtain is pulled closed, especially in the corner closest to the shower head. Check the caulk and grout between the tiles for holes or gaps. If any are found contact us immediately. Dry off before stepping out of the shower and/or place a rug or towel on the floor.  It is amazing how much damage a small amount of water can do.

Light or outlet not working?
Check to see if a fuse has blown or a circuit breaker has tripped. Locate the breaker box, which is typically located on a wall in the hall, basement or bedroom. Check to see if a switch has moved from the ON to the OFF position. If so, turn back to the ON position and check to see if your light/outlet works. Contact maintenance if the light/outlet does not work after breakers have been checked.

Garbage disposal stopped working?
The garbage disposal is to be used for EDIBLE OBJECTS only. This means DO NOT put down large bones, egg shells, grease, fat, cooking oil, or onion skins to name a few. Run cold water before starting and continue to run for thirty seconds after turning off. If you hear a clanking with a metallic sound, or the motor sounds like it wants to start but does not, stop the disposal immediately. Make certain that the disposal is off and warn others not to touch it while you are investigating.  Use a flashlight to see if a spoon, dish cloth, handy-wipe, etc. might have fallen down. Clear the drain and push the reset button which is located on the motor either underneath or on the back under the sink. If it still doesn’t work, then call us. We encourage you to drop ice cubes into the disposal and then run it. It helps clean the blades and moves grease particles.

Fire Prevention Information
Please keep your smoke detectors in working condition. Replace the batteries if you hear a chirping sound coming from any of the smoke detectors. Notify maintenance if you are unable to change the battery or if you notice a chirping noise from any hallway or basement fire detector.

The fire extinguisher is located in the kitchen under the sink.

Most fires in rental properties start in the kitchen. Keep the extinguisher in the kitchen but away from the stove. Point it at the base of the fire and use short quick bursts. Do not pour water on a grease fire. If the extinguisher fails to work, use baking soda or flour to put out the fire.

The use and storage of all BBQ grills are prohibited on decks, balconies, garages, or kitchens or any other location near a building.  The use of open flame devices such as clay chimneys, clay and or copper fire pits are not allowed

Locked Out?
Text AND call 314-606-6170. We will meet you to open the door and/or provide a new key. $45 for lockout during business hours, $75 after-hours.

Noisy Neighbors/Safety Concerns?

All tenants have a right to peaceful enjoyment of home. If there is a concern about excessive noise please text 314-606-6170 and provide details concerning the incident so effective communication and documentation of the incident can be recorded. Please also contact the local police for any serious noise or safety concern.

All secured buildings are to remain secure at all times. Do NOT prop the doors open with rug or any other object. 24 hour surveillance camera are in place and violators are subject to fines.

Satellite Dish Rules
Permission is not given for satellite dish unless you contact to request a permission letter.  Satellite dishes are NOT to be installed in front of property or attached to the roof or side of the building. Tenant is responsible for removal charges if satellite is placed without permission.

Office Information
A copy of your lease will be mailed to you as soon as your check clears the bank for move in fee and rent. Lease copy can also be obtained on the tenant portal. If you need a copy of your lease please email

60 days prior to the expiration of your lease, please contact to provide notice of vacate or renewal request. Please note, 60 day notice for vacate is required per the lease agreement.

If you need to terminate your lease before the end of your lease please contact to request a buyout. 

Please note for EMERGENCY  maintenance ONLY (water/fire/unsecure property) please TEXT AND CALL 314-606-6170 and 815-540-6232